Why Donate to Sahara For Life Trust

Why Donate to Sahara For Life Trust

Why Donate to Sahara For Life Trust

The government of Pakistan initiated several steps to bring qualitative and quantitative changes in the healthcare sector. People living in urban areas have access to healthcare facilities. Still, people in far-flung / remote and rural areas suffer due to low or no access to basic medical facilities.

The country currently has 1278 public sector hospitals, 5987 basic health units, Still, Pakistan faces a lack of healthcare equipment like beds, aambulances, ventilators. Inadequate funding is the most crucial issue deteriorating the system. The country’s limited budgetary allocation for the healthcare sector does not support to address over 220 million people’s needs satisfactorily.

Sahara For Life Trust, determined to provide a solution for health improving issues in Pakistan. Sahara For Life Trust offers advanced payment modules globally. Donors worldwide can utilize this platform and donate through a hundred percent secure payment modes. So, join hands with us in transforming the lives of Pakistan’s deserving people by donating to Sahara For Life Trust.

How your donation will contribute pivotal role in society.

a. Donations will support unprivileged /rural class in medical treatment.
b. SFLT introduced modern ways of transaction to donate at ease through digital channels.
c. Charity/donation will help for wellness in society.
d. By donating, it’s giving back to society and play pivotal role as individual.
e. Donate, rural class of Pakistan to bring wellness and prosperity as a Nation.
f. Sahara For Life Trust, determined to enhance medical facilities for Sughra Shafi Medical Complex.

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