SFLT holds a special place in my heart as a charity hospital dedicated to providing essential healthcare to the underprivileged. Volunteering for their fundraiser in the UK is not just an opportunity to support a noble cause, but a chance to be part of a community-driven effort that truly makes a difference. SFLT's commitment to ensuring healthcare reaches those in need aligns with my values, and I am honored to contribute to their impactful mission.

Ana Khan Aesthetic therapist and entrepreneur

What is so special about SFLT is their responsiveness to dire humanitarian needs regardless of their nature: helping raise money to support those in need in Turkiye, carrying out flood relief, even delving into long term education solutions, SFLT is multifaceted and committed to helping people in a unique way. This makes me feel honoured to be a part of the volunteering team

Mominn Nawaz Student

We all know that access to suitable healthcare in rural areas of Pakistan is limited and costly. At SFLT Abrar Ul Haq and his team, have over the years demonstrated true passion and integrity in various projects, working hard to continuously expand and increase medical and educational capabilities across pakistan. I feel privileged to be able to offer my support and volunteer for the UK team.

Selva Abbas Senior Manager Banking

I has been amazing to be involved in SFLT as I have witnessed first hand money collected and the journey it takes to be practically used and deployed to areas promised.

Waleed Saleem Senior Consultant - Finance Strategy

It has been an honour to be a part of SFLT, a charity dedicated to uplift deprived and underprivileged areas in Pakistan by providing essential healthcare facilities.

Fahad Khan Student

The Sahara For Life Trust's dedication to healthcare and social welfare in Pakistan is truly inspiring, making a significant impact in the lives of many to give them hope for a better future.

Faiza Ansari Dentist

Sahara for Life Trust is doing much needed work to provide healthcare access for all in Pakistan. I am proud to be able to volunteer for this very important cause.

Nadia Khan Communications Consultant & Writer

It has been an honour to be a part of the SFLT charity. The charity itself has made a huge impact on people’s lives in Pakistan. It is an amazing example of people of all walks of lives coming together to raise not only awareness for the huge need of medical equipment and healthcare but also making a change and providing a necessity to those who need it. I hope with the help of others the charity can continue to raise awareness for the basic health needs and provide it those in need.

Zenub Abbas Teacher

Being part of Sahara For Life Trust’s charitable initiatives has been an enriching experience. Witnessing the organization’s dedication to healthcare in remote areas of Pakistan is truly inspiring. I am honored to contribute my skills to a cause that brings positive change and hope to those in need.

Aruba Malik LPC Trainee