Sahara Relief & Rehabilitation Activities

Sahara Relief & Rehabilitation Activities

Sahara for Life Trust Rehabilitation Efforts:

  1. Immediate Relief Aid: Following the devastation caused by floods, Sahara ensures the swift delivery of immediate relief aid, including food, clean water, shelter, and medical supplies. This timely intervention addresses the urgent needs of affected populations.

  2. Rebuilding Infrastructure: Sahara actively participates in the rehabilitation phase by contributing to the rebuilding of infrastructure. This includes the reconstruction of homes, schools, and other essential facilities, incorporating resilient design principles to mitigate future risks.

  3. Livelihood Support: Recognizing the economic impact of floods, Sahara implements programs to support the revival of livelihoods. This may involve providing financial assistance, vocational training, or creating opportunities for income-generating activities to help affected individuals and communities regain economic stability.

  4. Psycho-Social Support: Sahara places a strong emphasis on the psycho-social well-being of disaster survivors. They implement counseling services and community support programs to address the mental health challenges that often arise in the aftermath of floods.


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