Sahara Ambulance Service

Sahara Ambulance Service

Sahara Ambulance Service Overview

SLT conducted a research study on the occurrence of road accidents on the crossroads of Lahore, Narowal, Sialkot, Zafarwal, and Shakargarh section. Based on the research study and analytical survey, SLT established 4 centers with the provision of Ambulance services, providing first aid and transportation to nearby hospitals either in Narowal or in Lahore for all road accidents and other emergency cases.

About Ambulance Service

The main function of an ambulance service is to provide medical transportation for people who are sick or injured and need to be taken to a hospital or other medical facility for treatment. Ambulance services are typically responsible for responding to emergency calls and providing life support measures to patients during transport. This may include administering medications, performing CPR, or providing oxygen therapy. In addition to transporting patients to hospitals, ambulance services may also be responsible for transporting patients between hospitals or providing non-emergency medical transportation for people who are unable to use other forms of transportation.

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