Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare Impact:

Healthcare is essential for the survival of all, it is not something which is a luxury. For that exact reason, we implore you to send in your donations so we can utilize them for the best reasons possible; to help the injured, disabled and needy. With these given funds, we will be able to expand our facilities in both well developed areas, but also in areas where there is medical injustice and an unequal distribution of services. Our aim is to make this unequal allocation more and more subtle, until it is eradicated entirely. Hence, to achieve this, we plan to further introduce the provision of free healthcare to the underprivileged and for better observation of public health and preventative care. Therefore, your donations will help Sahara provide healthcare to the underprivileged members of society.

Key Reasons to Support Sahara for Life Trust:

Sahara for Life Trust has a track record of successfully implementing projects that bring about tangible and positive changes in the lives of individuals and communities. From healthcare initiatives to education programs, Sahara has consistently made a meaningful impact. SAHARA Medical College entertains a class of 100 medical students from 2015-16. A new mega project is SAHARA Cancer Hospital Narowal, it has been functional from 2020-21 for the provision of chemotherapy & other comprehensive treatment. The SAHARA College Narowal project of SLT was established in 2018. “Sughra Shafi Medical Complex Narowal”, is providing state of art healthcare facilities to more than 05 million population in remote areas. All medical and surgical services including emergencies are offered 24/7 and 5.7 million patients have been treated so far on a free-of-cost basis by considering all “Quality of Health Care standards

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