Sahara Medical College

Sahara Medical College Narowal

SAHARA Medical College is ongoing project with the aim to cater the health care needs of remote underprivileged areas by educating health care professionals to the highest international standards and stimulating innovation through research and discover, disseminate, and apply knowledge to improve health and reduce the burden of illness on society. Sahara Medical College will entertain class of 100 medical students, with a planned expansion to 150 students. This college will serve as a subsidiary of the SSMC and subsidize the running cost of hospital. SAHARA Medical College-Narowal has been functional in 2016.

Aim & Objectives:

  • SAHARA Medical College will produce quality doctors and will facilitate the provision of quality health services in Pakistan
  • Revenue generated from the medical college will be utilized for the treatment of poor, marginalized and underserved patients of Narowal District
  • To create job opportunities for medical, paramedical and support staff

How to apply at SAHARA Medical College, Narowal

The College prospectus can be obtained from the college Admission office in person or through mail:

The college has to capacity to admit up to 100 students (only after gazette notification by the PMDC & UHS) annually from Pakistan and abroad. The admission on all seats is based on merit, as defined in the following pages; this is applied without discrimination of gender, color, creed, race, religion or domicile.

All applications for admission would be submitted ONLINE. To copy please visit and go through the simple procedure of registration and submission of online application. Please note that all students would need an email address to register and apply to the Online Admissions System.

Fee Structure  MBBS of SAHARA Medical College Narowal:

Sr. No: Description Regular
1 Admission Fee (Once on Admission) Rs 50,000/- US $ 1800
2 Registration Fee (Once on Admission) Rs 100,000/-
3 Security (Refundable) Rs 100,000/- US $ 1200
4 Tuition Fee (Annual Basis) Rs 640,000/- US $ 15,000
5 Library Charges (Annual Basis) Rs. 45,000/- US $ 500
5 College Events (Annual Basis) Rs. 25,000/- US $ 300
6 Examination Fee (Annual Basis) Rs. 35000/-  US $ 400
Total of aforesaid line items Rs. 995,000/- US $ 19,200
Total dues for Day Scholar  of 1st year at the time of admission (Inclusive of 5% Tax) Rs. 1,044,750/- US $ 20,160
7 Hostel Dues each year (Including Boarding, Lodging, Messing and Transport) without AC Rs. 198,000/- US $ 2000
Total Hostel Dues (Inclusive of 5% Tax) Rs. 207,900/- US $ 2100
Total dues for Hostel Students of 1st year at the time of admission (Inclusive of 5% Tax) Rs. 1,252,650/- US $ 22,260

Mode of Payment

1. You are advised to deposit fee within the time specified for our admission confirmation. Failure to deposit the dues may result in cancellation of admission offer.
2. Fee to be paid preferably through demand draft / pay order in favor of SAHARA Medical College, Narowal.
3. Payment may also be made through Visa or Master Card at SAHARA Medical College, Narowal subject to 2% financial charges.
4. Fee may also be deposited online at any branch, mentioned in the website of SAHARA For Life Trust.
5. Foreign students may deposit their Fee from outside Pakistan through online using the routing for US $, information available in the website of SAHARA For Life Trust.
6. Payment in cash is not accepted for admission and tuition fee.
7. Tuition fee once paid are only refundable as per PMDC policy.
8. The date & time for payment of the fee are firm and are notified through college notice boards and college website. Any delay in payment of fee will result in cancellation of admission offer.
9. The student is bound to pay, any additional charges levied by the government, university or any other regulatory authority, and any changes in the fee structure, hostel and transport charges levied by the College due to extraordinary circumstances.
10. The students competing for Pakistani/foreign seats are required to deposit 100% of the tuition fee along with admission and necessary UHS/PMDC fee at the time of admission.

Summit Bank
Account No. 132820620149026
Title of Account Sahara For Life Trust (Sahara Medical College Fee Account)
Summit Bank Liberty Market, Lahore