Sahara Medical College

Sahara Medical College Narowal

SAHARA Medical College is ongoing project with the aim to cater the health care needs of remote underprivileged areas by educating health care professionals to the highest international standards and stimulating innovation through research and discover, disseminate, and apply knowledge to improve health and reduce the burden of illness on society. Sahara Medical College will entertain class of 100 medical students, with a planned expansion to 150 students. This college will serve as a subsidiary of the SSMC and subsidize the running cost of hospital. SAHARA Medical College-Narowal has been functional in 2016.

Aim & Objectives:

  • SAHARA Medical College will produce quality doctors and will facilitate the provision of quality health services in Pakistan
  • Revenue generated from the medical college will be utilized for the treatment of poor, marginalized and underserved patients of Narowal District
  • To create job opportunities for medical, paramedical and support staff