Donate Via UBL Omni


The Donors may make Donations to SAHARA FOR LIFE TRUST through UBL Omni Dukaan in cash and the following shall be the procedure for the same:


The Donor shall visit the UBL Omni Dukaan for the purpose of making a Donation. The UBL Omni Dukaandar shall then enter the following details to process the Transaction:


i) Donation Amount ( Rs 50/- to 10,000/- is allowed)
ii) Customer Mobile No
UBL Omni system shall then:
i)   Display Transaction receipt on UBL Omni Dukaandar’s application containing:
(a) Transaction ID
(b) Transaction Type
(c) Transaction date and time
(d) Donation Amount


The UBL Omni Dukaandar shall then print and handover the receipt to the Donor at the same time.


It is the Donor’s responsibility to obtain the receipt from the UBL Omni Dukaandar and UBL shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever from SAHARA FOR LIFE TRUST or the Donors without evidence of such receipt.


UBL Omni Account holders shall also have the facility to make Donations to SAHARA through their UBL Omni account. The following shall be the procedure in relation to the same:


a)  The UBL Omni Accountholder shall send an SMS in the following format through his mobile phone:


– PayZakat<rupees> SAHARA <Last 4 digits of CNIC>
Paydonation <rupees> SAHARA <Last 4 digits of CNIC>


b) Confirmation SMS from 8257 will be sent to UBL Omni Accountholder’s mobile phone number for successful Transaction.